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e your solution to a safe, clean, waste-free environment! Let our dog waste removal service take care of the

We welcome the opportunity to provide you and your pets with a clean and healthy garden to enjoy all year round. There are many advantages to keeping your garden or yard clean. Dog waste compromises the appearance of your lawn, attracts flies and other pests, can pollute ground water, may offend the neighbours, and can even endanger the health of your dogs and your family.

Like many people, busy days, lack of time, illness, immobility etc. means that a very important chore gets neglected! A chore that most of us dislike and put off, often longer than we should; cleaning the Dog waste from the garden.

If you have a growing family or just unable to get into the garden, our service offers the peace of mind that all the mess that accompanies your family pet has been removed.

In order to make sure I provide the safest dog waste removal service, I utilise disinfectant spray on my tools after each and every visit to a clients’ property, which helps prevent the spread of disease.

Love your dog but hate the dog waste? Wish someone would do the dirty work for you? You’re not alone!
Let Little Stinkers professional, thorough and dependable staff manage the time-consuming, unsanitary and gross burden of keeping your garden clear of dog waste. Reclaim your spare time and your garden for your family and your dog!

If your family battles over who has to perform this particular chore, that’s one more happy teenager

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